Naturel Botoks®

It provides the best results with precise and skillful application.

Naturel Botoks®

Naturel Botox is a treatment applied to reduce the facial lines and prevent the appearance of new ones. What is used for Naturel Botox is the same as Botox: Botulinum Toxin.

naturel botoks®

Naturel Botox is a treatment applied to reduce the facial lines and prevent the appearance of new ones. What is used for Naturel Botox is the same as Botox: Botulinum Toxin.


The biggest concern of those thinking of getting Botox is ruining their natural look and resembling other people. Yet, with this treatment, there is no loss of facial expression, no ruining the naturality, no difference with the smile or the look. After the treatment, we can get a more vivid and quite natural look.



Naturel Botoks shows its effect on our mimic muscles, decreasing the tonus –the tension of the muscle in relaxed position- of the muscle. When the tension is reduced, the wrinkles and the lines on the skin covering the muscles are reduced, or totally removed.

The personal application and the equipment used in line with the application technique, the form of the face, the extent of the mimic usage, and the characteristic of the wrinkles produces a natural result.

Patients usually complain about round the eyes (the crow’s feet), between the eyebrows, and the forehead (frontal zone). Hence, Naturel Botoks is mainly applied to these areas. The lines between the eyebrows might make the person look angrier than usual, and this can be prevented thanks to Naturel Botoks. Especially for those using their mimic a lot and smiling a lot, lines around the eyes and deep lines between the eyebrows making the person look angrier than usual might appear.

We, therefore, usually apply the treatment on these areas or the forehead. We also can apply it for those who complain about the lines around the eyes or between the eyebrows.

However, our suggestion is that as we take the upper face as a whole, it should be applied on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and round the eyes.

We often use an effective anesthesia cream on the face before the treatments such as Laser, but since the pain after Naturel Botoks is very little, we do not need to use an anesthesia cream. The patients with a history of many Botox with anesthesia cream in advance also state that they experience very little pain during the Naturel Botoks treatment.

Botulinum Toxin used to be utilized for medical treatment purposes long before it was used for aesthetic. To illustrate, compared to the amount of doses used for aesthetic purposes, the Neurologists use it in much more doses for the treatment of migraine and the Physical Therapists for the treatment of muscle spasticity (muscle stiffness) of the children with cerebral palsy, and still there has been no harm informed. In Naturel Botoks as well, Botulinum Toxin is used.

There is almost no bruising after Naturel Botoks, and of course there is a reason for that. While insulin injectors are used for Botox application as they are thin, Naturel Botoks uses much thinner special injectors than the insulin injectors. As such, eliminating the tissue damage, this dramatically reduces the probability of bruising. Besides, pain during the application is significantly alleviated.

The patients state that they feel almost no pain during the whole process. Moreover, since the injector is very thin, there occurs almost no bleeding either. We never encounter bleeding even with those who use blood thinners or have a tendency for bleeding.

As it is effective for 4-6 months, we recommend it twice or three times in a year. When applied repetitively, the well-being persists, and throughout time, it is possible to get better results.


Every person has different mimic usage, age, and wrinkles. In parallel, the result obtained from the treatment might prove to be different, but everybody looks much better after Naturel Botoks.

For preventive purposes, before the lines become deeper, it can be applied to young as well. Besides, aged and deeply wrinkled patients can get Naturel Botoks.

The answer is ‘no.’ You can easily get back to the pre-application shape. There are numerous clinic research conducted on the issue. For instance, in a research published in the Facial Plastic Surgery, the long-term effects of Botox on two identical twin sisters was studied (Long-Term Effects of Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) on Facial Lines). While of the twins regularly got twice or three times Botox per year and nothing else, the other got it merely once or twice within 13 years.


At the end of 13 years, when the twins reached the age of 38, their photos were compared. The photo was taken 4-5 months later than the former twin’s final Botox treatment, which means there was no Botox effect on her face. While there was no wrinkle on her face, the latter had apparent wrinkles. As a conclusion, there seems to be no negative effect once the treatment is suspended.

No. What is used in Naturel Botoks is the same as what is used for Botox: Botulinum Toxin. We prefer Dysport brand.

There are various applications such as mesobotox, baby Botox, and microbotox using reduced doses. Yet, Naturel Botoks does not use reduced doses.

The scientific studies state that the recommended amount to be applied on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and on the crow’s feet is 5-10 sU for each region (Dysport Unit, Speywood Unit).

In Naturel Botoks, as well, the maximum amount to be recommended on each region is 10 sU, not more. But what if the maximum amount is surpassed? Some unanticipated  results might occur. Moreover, Masseter Botox is applied on the masseter muscle, a very strong and big one on the face.

Yes, male patients can get Naturel Botoks. Males do not want people to learn about their Botox. Besides, they get anxious if there would be pain during the application.

It can not be understood whether there is Botox because there is no loss of facial expression or natural look, and there is no difference with the smile or the look of the patient.

At the end of the treatment, patients can get a brighter and significantly natural look. Since it is applied with extremely small injectors, the pain is considerably slight, if any at all.

Yes. Usually for the treatment of some dermatologic diseases, such as the over sweating of the hands and the armpits, tooth grinding, rosasea (Rose Disease), and like.



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