What is
Naturel Botoks®?

Time leaves its impact as wrinkles on our skin. Naturel Botoks® is a treatment applied to remove these wrinkles on our faces. Naturel Botoks® also prevents new wrinkles to emerge.


The substance used in the ‘Naturel Botoks®’ treatment developed by Dermatologist Ersin Aydin is Botulinum Toxin, the same as Botox.

How is Naturel Botoks®

Naturel Botoks® is a medical application used to reduce the facial wrinkles and prevent the emergence of the new ones.

There is no need for an anesthetic cream.

After cleaning the application area with an antiseptic solution, Botulinum Toxin is injected in effective doses.

It becomes effective within approximately 24-72 hours. Rarely, this period might extend to 5 to 7 days.


The biggest concern of those thinking of getting Botox is ruining their natural look and resembling other people. Yet, with this treatment, there is no loss of facial expression, no ruining the naturality, no difference with the smile or the look. After the treatment, we can get a more vivid and quite natural look.



Naturel Botoks shows its effect on our mimic muscles, decreasing the tonus –the tension of the muscle in relaxed position- of the muscle. When the tension is reduced, the wrinkles and the lines on the skin covering the muscles are reduced, or totally removed.

The personal application and the equipment used in line with the application technique, the form of the face, the extent of the mimic usage, and the characteristic of the wrinkles produces a natural result.

Patients usually complain about round the eyes (the crow’s feet), between the eyebrows, and the forehead (frontal zone). Hence, Naturel Botoks is mainly applied to these areas. The lines between the eyebrows might make the person look angrier than usual, and this can be prevented thanks to Naturel Botoks. Especially for those using their mimic a lot and smiling a lot, lines around the eyes and deep lines between the eyebrows making the person look angrier than usual might appear.


We, therefore, usually apply the treatment on these areas or the forehead. We also can apply it for those who complain about the lines around the eyes or between the eyebrows.


However, our suggestion is that as we take the upper face as a whole, it should be applied on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and round the eyes.

We often use an effective anesthesia cream on the face before the treatments such as Laser, but since the pain after Naturel Botoks is very little, we do not need to use an anesthesia cream. The patients with a history of many Botox with anesthesia cream in advance also state that they experience very little pain during the Naturel Botoks treatment.

Botulinum Toxin used to be utilized for medical treatment purposes long before it was used for aesthetic. To illustrate, compared to the amount of doses used for aesthetic purposes, the Neurologists use it in much more doses for the treatment of migraine and the Physical Therapists for the treatment of muscle spasticity (muscle stiffness) of the children with cerebral palsy, and still there has been no harm informed. In Naturel Botoks as well, Botulinum Toxin is used.

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